Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nossa Freguesia?

Nossa Freguesia is an Android and iOS app that allows users to identify problems or points of interest through a photograph in a certain geographical area.

What is Nossa Freguesia’s purpose?

This app’s purpose is to reduce bureaucracy and administrative processes, maketing more effective to solve the problem identified in the public space. If you are interested in to better understand the needs that the program satisfies, you can consult the website of Nossa Freguesia: Consult Here.

Am I able to export app reports?

Through web, Nossa Freguesia allows to export reports in PDF format, as well as analysis and statistics provided by the app.

How does Nossa Freguesia app works?

Once identified the problem, it appears on the platform as an occurrence which is then sent to the associated autarchy. With Nossa Freguesia, users can follow occurrences, via app or web, through a status indicator (unresolved, under review or resolved).

How can it increase transparency and efficiency?

Nossa Freguesia app is in continuous evolution, with constant updates to improve its effectiveness and make its journey more transparent, both for the consumer and for the parishes.

How does Nossa Freguesia communicates with users?

Nossa Freguesia does not communicate directly with users. The app serves to minimize and facilitate the communication process between citizen and the different parties involved in the maintenance of public space.

What is the average time of installing the application?

Installation average time is relatively short, between 15 and 30 seconds, depending on the device.