Small Ways You Can Improve Your City

The degradation of the public space is an undeniable reality in a context of constant expansions and changes such as that of the city.   Apparently, responding to the needs of one means sacrificing the well-being of another, especially in a capitalist perspective.   Perhaps the process of urbanization is irreversible, but today we already have the knowledge to develop more sustainable practices, promoting conservation initiatives applied to the various elements that make up the metropolitan fabric: social, economic, territorial, etc.   One of the most accessible ways to change the course of degradation is to change our behavior by making the change we want to see.   CDP Driving Sustainable Economies has put together a list of behaviors it can adopt in various community contexts to improve its city:

  • In the Street:
    • Green Parkway: take advantage of all the spaces you can to make the city greener;
    • Create a small free library.
  • In the Neighborhood:
    • Gardening: fill disused lots or small pieces of abandoned land with plants and flowers, turn lost spaces into green spaces;
    • “Unpavement”: reduce the amount of asphalt by turning unused parking and abandoned lots into communal gardens and parks, for example.
  • In the Parks:
    • Improve your local park: this may include petitioning the local government for change;
    • Build places for adults: providing adults with places to relax, recreate and train is equally importante;
    • Consult the children to design their own parks: engaging children in the creative process for parks and playgrounds not only ensures that the end result will be more attractive to the end user as it promotes an early appreciation for the project.
  • Along the Way:
    • Slow down: and if possible implement speed zones for densely urban areas;
    • Use public transports: save the environment;
    • Obey traffic laws.
  • In Community:
    • Volunteering: look for volunteer groups in your neighborhood and make your city a better place while living with "your";
    • Open Air Cinema: it is not as difficult as it seems to organize as it may seem. Cinema can expand horizons and unite people.
Inform yourself, know the rules before any intervention and with few resources can make a big difference, just want.   In its geographic area, you can also use tools such Nossa Freguesia to combat degradation and prevent accidents, allowing you to manage, care and improve the area in which it is inserted.   Nossa Freguesia works to build a city where everyone participates and everyone enjoys a better quality of life.   Read the rest of the article in:


Nossa Freguesia


17 October 2017